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The Meteora monasteries open in the morning, so we toured early. These monks can build! Too bad they're not willing to do projects in the States because they'd make a killer deck. They're good indoors too, as many of the monastery rooms are painted elaborately and the woodwork is superb. By afternoon we headed back to Athens. Ryan drove for the first time in Greece. He promptly put the car in a ditch while trying to pull a U-turn in front of a bus. Hard to look cool in that situation, but somehow he managed to pull it off. Jill pushed us out and we were on our way south, down the Aegean coast. We visited towns in the Pelion. The most notable thing we saw there were the picturesque houses. Surely some monks must have helped. 
Our new clothes are from Aunt Elinor, Ryan's mom. Thanks Auntie!
Those monks are great interior decorators
Good looking monastery. Must have been hell to move in though.
Great Pelion house. You can barely make out the beautiful frescoe underneath the right windows