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The weather surprised us in Nairobi- much cooler than expected, a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. The word Nairobi means watering hole in Swahili, which is ironic because there is no water here; a 7 month drought has dried out the country. As we walked through the city we saw the muddy trickle called the Nairobi river. The lack of water depletes the energy supply (no hydroelectric power), so the government turned off the traffic lights. This action should have caused instant pandemonium in the largest east African city (pop 3 million), but city life and traffic seemed normal. Of course no road rules are the norm. Our own bus jumped the curb and drove over the dividing island to avoid traffic. Nairobi has a terrible reputation for crime, so we didn't go out at night. Instead, we tried ostrich meat on a bed of coagulated blood, described as "pudding" on the menu. Could a mugging be worse? 
Training for the African bush
Careful Dad, that is a warthog's hole
The stories we could tell about these people...