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The road to our first game reserve, Amboseli, is studded with termite hills and dust devils. Monkeys and mongoose greet us in the lodge lobby. The lodge (not hotel, which means restaurant in Kenya) is luxurious and attracts a large animal herd. We're surrounded by zebra, wildebeest, and the occasional Cape buffalo. In our room I couldn't find any toilet paper until the gazelle in the bathtub pointed to it under the sink. Actually, a small electric fence, two feet high, is meant to keep animals out, but we're skeptical about it stopping a 2,000 lb buffalo. We're not even sure if it is electrified, since it isn't humming and grass blades are touching it. In any case, our guide has seen a leopard in the compound. He says they're harmless unless provoked. Luckily, we don't know any leopard jokes. 
Mount Kilimanjaro is visible from Amboseli park on a clear day.
 Elephant calves remain close to their mother, nursing for the first 4 years.
Amboseli Park, Kenya 
Mom, the elephant is on your left!