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Another day, another ass-bumping, asphalt-less drive. An elephant could hide in these potholes. We ride to the Serengeti plains. Along the way we stopped at Olduvai gorge, an archaelogical site famous for the oldest recorded human fossils. Fossilized footsteps, 3.6 million years old, lay preserved in stone nearby. After working our imaginations about the origin of man, we hit the road again (or it hit us). Our driver called this dirt track a "super highway." The Serengeti stretches into infinity in all directions. We need a 360 degree camera to capture the feeling of driving through a sea of grass. This vast land supports all animals but is famous for lions, leopards, and cheetahs. That's why our camp, which doesn't have any fences, has rangers armed with AK-47 assault rifles. I asked how many guests have been eaten so far, the answer: not many. That's comforting. 
Olduvai archaelogical site: Dad loves reading about the Stone Age, so this place is something like Mecca to him 
This hyena stole the cheetah's lunch before our eyes. Cheetahs are the weakest predator among the big cats.
  King of the big cats