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Today we explored the Serengeti. A bushbuck spotted a leopard in a tree and whistled the alarm. The leopard sat unmoving as the bushbuck kept whistling "Leopard! Leopard!" in bushbuck. We also saw lions and elephants so close that I wanted to pass them breathmints. A lion, 3 feet from the vehicle, looked at us with merciless, hungry eyes. Even though the driver assured us that lions don't attack cars, we rolled up the windows anyway. Elephants are another matter and our driver showed them respect. We drove away from several mother elephants in threatening postures, ears out and trunks raised. On the way home we passed that leopard again. Sure enough, the bushbuck was still whistling "Leopard!" every minute. It's good to know where your enemies are at all times.  
Many times we were a little too close for comfort
This elephant isn't happy with us. That's an agressive posture.