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Farewell Serengeti, hello Masai Mara. Instead of driving, however, we flew. Luckily there wasn't a parking problem at Serengeti International Airport. We drove right up to the airport terminal; we call it a shack back home. A pack of hyenas watched us leave. We played musical airplanes, taking short flights, switching aircraft, and stopping off in Arusha and Nairobi before going to the Masai Mara. In Nairobi we had lunch in a restaurant called Carnivore that served all kinds of game meat. We discovered that zebra is too tough, crocodile is a white meat that tastes like a cross between fish and turkey, and eland is a touch gamey but very good. Our bellies full, we were ready for our trip's last leg (no pun intended). Landing in the Masai Mara was another adventure. The pilot buzzed the airstrip to clear away the wildebeest and zebra. When we actually touched down, we almost clipped a zebra with our wing. The annual migration of wildebeest and zebra herds were here (2 million animals strong) and these beasts covered the plains -- an incredible sight. The animals made a terrific racket, bleating and grunting as they moved along. We drove through the animal hordes in awe. The game viewing was equally exciting at night. We explored the night in an open vehicle with a driver, searchlight, and shotgun. In the powerful searchlight's beam, thousands of wildebeest eyes stared back at us. Their eyes twinkled in the light and looked like a sea of stars around us. We also met a male lion who roared and walked off. We followed him as he patroled his territory and roared a lot more -- what a grouch!  
 Hyenas had jobs as airport security
At Gate 1 ready to board!
 I drew the copilots seat on the flight to Arusha. Good thing the pilot was healthy. 
 Causing a stampede in the Mara. Yeehaw!