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Today was fascinating, tragic, and sometimes sickening. The wildebeest herds crossed the Mara river in great numbers. Normally, wildebeest wait for zebra to go first, with good reason, since zebra are smarter at crossing rivers. However, we witnessed one wildebeest herd cross without zebra: total disaster. Of course the wildebeest were nervous because crocodiles as big as pickup trucks waited in the water. Complete pandemonium ensued as wildebeest by the hundreds plunged into the swift current, jumping on each other in a panic to get across. Unfortunately for them, the embankment on the other side was too steep to climb. The poor animals milled around in the water, bleating pitifully, and quite a few were crushed or drowned. Mothers and babies searched for each other after the carnage, many without a positive result. We saw a wildebeest trotting along with a broken leg, its right foreleg gruesomely flopping about like a piece of spaghetti. Another wildebeest valiantly tried standing, rear legs useless due to a broken back, before sitting and waiting for the lions to come in the night.  
This airborne wildebeest landed and made it to the otherside, unhurt. Others weren't so lucky.
Notice the wildebeest tumbling down the side of the embankment
This is why the wildebeest are in such a hurry. That guy is at least 15 feet long!
  Lions finish off the injured at night.