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This morning we flew back to Nairobi. The airplane buzzed the field to clear away animals, landed, loaded, and took off in five minutes. We stopped at a few other camps this way (each one has its own airstrip). Air Kenya runs like a bus service in the Mara. We read in today's paper that elephants had trampled a tourist who went for an early morning walk. We remembered our own close call with a buffalo last week. Overall however, Nairobi is more dangerous than the African bush. Political instability resulted in riots only a few days ago (while we were at the Carnivore restaurant). Because of this, we didn't venture into Nairobi. We met local people in the countryside, and we were satisfied with yesterday's visit to a Masai village. These proud people follow their ancient customs. The Masai build their houses with cattle dung and without electricity or plumbing. The village kids walk 9 miles to school and are sometimes late because elephant herds block the path. Marriages are pre-arranged. A man can have multiple wives, but he must own at least 10 cows for each wife. I tried to trade Jill for an old spear and shield, but Dad lent me fifty bucks instead. 
Let's make a deal.
 These tents were comfortable. At night, we could hear many animals, including lions and hyenas
Open vehicles don't feel too safe when you're next to a roaring lion
 The great migration at Masai Mara, which means spotted land (those umbrella acacia trees look like spots from the air)