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We've grown comfortable swimming in croc and hippo infested waters. Soon we'll be bold enough to try out for that "Croc Hunter" show. We haven't seen anyone else and we're not sure if that is due to the country's bad political situation or if all tourists have been eaten. In truth, swimming here makes us uneasy and we're wary in the water, always sticking to the shallows. Last night it seemed as though we could read using light from the canopy of stars over our tent. We stared at unfamiliar constellations, Scorpio and the Southern Cross, and listened for lions, hyenas, hippo, and elephant. James, our guide, has been exceptional. He's enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable. Zimbabwe guides, known as the best throughout Africa, endure intense training for four years before obtaining their license as pro-guides. Because of this, Zimbabwe is one of the few countries (Botswana is the only other we know about) that allows walking safaris, something which we highly recommend. 
 I'm hiding in the water; with all the food I'm eating I'm getting fatter than that hippo.
This baobab tree is over 2000 years old.
James needed to hunt elephants and buffalo to pass his pro-guide tests. We hope he's good against hippo too if needed.