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We left Mana Pools and traveled to Matusadona park. Although we only covered 150 km, we used several transport methods: canoe, plane, land rover, and speedboat. Our tents sat on a small island in the middle of Lake Kariba. Hippos and crocs are the only other inhabitants. One hippo enjoys munching on the foliage around our tent, keeping us entertained throughout the night. We ended the day watching two lionesses and their cubs finish eating a small hippo. These lionesses are unusually large, and our guide tells us that they have chased away all of the male lions. Apparently, they go into heat simultaneously, and their huge sexual appetites have been too much for any bachelor lions, no kidding. 
This is one of those huge, sex-starved lionesses I wrote about.
Luxury transport and accomodations (Above and Below)
Taking off as a herd of buffalo runs onto the airstrip (Below)