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We woke up early to see the Three Gorges, the most scenic part of an already beautiful cruise. The gorges tower over our boat. Although the Yangtze is considered a major waterway, the river is more rapids than river highway. The water is fast and in a constant swirl, and the tiny whirlpools covering the surface show that conflicting currents lie beneath. After finishing the cruise in midafternoon, we took a one hour bus ride high into the mountains. Here, we caught a smaller boat and rode down a clear mountain stream called Shenglong. Again, the scenery is fantastic, and we're left to wonder why a nearby town, Badong, isn't more famous. Sitting high in the mountains, Badong commands a striking view of the Yangtze and surrounding countryside. We stayed longer than expected because we missed the last hydrofoil out of Badong. We made a heroic dash, giving the locals some amusement as a long procession of foreigners ran through the center of town.
 (Above) Going down the Shenglong river (Below) The mountain area around Shenglong and the Yangtze (Further below) Our final night on the Yangtze