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This morning in Yichang we went to see the great dam project. The Chinese have obliterated a small mountain along the river to supply building materials and to make way for a section of the dam. The weather is hot and we were frying like a pair of Chinese pancakes whenever we went outside. Unfortunately, we are about to take a 22 hour train ride without air-conditioning. We think this will be the roughest part of the trip. 
(Above) This cute little lady turned out to be a con-artist. She looks like a simple peasant with a picture-perfect basket of fruit (actually, she has a big house in the hills). She softly says "banana" or "orange" (irresistible), overcharges, and then she won't give your change back!
(Above) A pair of camera-hams that loved getting their picture taken and seeing the instant results from the camera's LCD display.