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 Bangkok isn't on anyone's boring city list. Yesterday, we went to Chatuchuk, a huge open market where you can buy anything, including a snack of fried bugs. At night, we checked out Pat Pong, Bangkok's famous red light district. It's amazing what can be done with a ping pong ball. However, the night's best entertainment turned out to be Thai kick boxing. Bangkok's "family" attractions (suitable for all ages) are equally impressive. The Grand Palace is stunning and unique -- the Thai-style buildings are covered with gold leaf, colored glass, semi-precious stones, and small light reflecting mirrors that glitter in sunlight or moonlight. We had the most fun taking the local mass transit system, which are long boats powered by car engines connected to a long propeller shaft. For 25 cents you can ride these boats as they speed through the city canal. Just be quick about getting on or off -- these boats stop for only a few seconds.
 (Above and Below) Glittering Grand Palace (Further Below) Riding through the city canals