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Another Cairo day, another swindle. While going to the Pyramids via microbus (we just love using the buses around here, they're so cheap), a guy jumped on board and told us we had to transfer to another bus. He seemed earnest and friendly, so we followed him. He took us to a horse stable instead. We tricked him by appealing to his greed. We told him that if he took us to the golf course by the Pyramids, we could get some friends to go along on our horseback ride. He drove us over there and we told him to wait outside while we looked for our imaginary friends. Once inside, we decided to play a round of golf (our original plan). We guess he must have left while we were on the third or fourth hole. After a round beneath the Pyramids, we finished the day with a camel ride. After getting over the initial nervousness of being so high off the ground - camels are huge - we started walking and even trotting on camelback around the Pyramid dunes. Jill's camel bit my foot, almost pulling me out of the saddle. Luckily I wasn't hurt, but after four straight months of constant togetherness, spending every waking and sleeping moment with each other, I bet Jill made her camel bite me.
Jill is aiming for the Sphinx
Not the most comfortable way to travel...
but the views are worth it (our guide took these pictures of us - he knew how to work the video camera and refused any instructions, it seems camel guides are also technically inclined)