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Besides Gallipoli the other place to see here is Troy, made immortal by Homer's Iliad, a story forced upon us in ninth grade English class. Years later that schooling finally came to fruition, but rather poorly since our imperfect memories couldn't recall much, except we know never to bring a giant wooden horse into the city walls. Who says a classical education isn't useful? Much more useful is the Turkish bus system, which is the major transport mode in Turkey, more so than cars, trains, or planes. Turkish buses go everywhere around the country, cheaply too, as most bus rides cost between $5-$10 to reach most Turkish destinations. While onboard, a team of stewards serve snacks to passengers as the scenery rolls by; it's a great way to see the country. 
To add to Troy's tourist appeal, the Turks built this lifesize Trojan horse - Disneyland comes to Troy.  
Jill's "come hither" look in front of the harem entrance in the Sultan's Palace.