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Rather than going straight back to Cairo, we detoured to the coastal city of Alexandria. The Egyptians are heavily investing in tourism on the coast - they've built massive vacation home complexes that cover miles of coastline. The first thing we noticed about Alexandria was its European flavor which gives this city a much different personality than any other Egyptian city. Another Ancient Wonder, the Pharos lighthouse, was built here but nothing is left. After seeing Alexandria's remaining tourist sites, the catacombs and Pompey's pillar, we enjoyed walking the streets and learning the city. Despite the government's efforts, there aren't many tourists here. Everyone is nice to us, constantly waving and saying welcome, and we feel comfortable even though we're stared at wherever we go. The city is safe to explore, a tram ride costs less than 10 cents, people fill the streets, vendors shout over each other to advertise their goods, and this lively Egyptian atmosphere is accentuated when the daily prayers are broadcast at rock concert decibel levels by loudspeakers perched on minarets all over the city. 
It's a boring picture of Pompey's pillar, but this was the only tourist site in Alexandria that didn't charge a camera fee. 
Not all streets are attractive in Alexandria, but the meat is fresh. Across the street were several nervous looking sheep, no kidding.