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Never ones to stay in a place long, our dash across Europe continues at breakneck speed. Chamonix sits in a valley surrounded by the most spectacular scenery in the French Alps. However, when it's foggy and raining this place looks like any other, so we left unceremoniously. Why wait for the weather to clear? Such patience isn't our nature. Besides, there's always more to see around the next bend in the road. While the rain clouds remained trapped in Chamonix valley, we escaped in our Renault car, wiping down the windows barehanded since the defroster was broken. After three days with us, our Renault, quirky and underpowered, seats covered by bread crumbs and a floor strewn with empty water bottles, is as dear to us as a faithful old horse. We drove on winding Alpine roads, past the inclement weather, until we saw blue skies and decided to stop the car and grab some fresh air. We stopped in a deserted town called Chazelet. Remote in these high mountains, Chazelet had an eerie quality. Undeterred, we walked through the streets and followed a path into the surrounding countryside. The weather stayed clear and our course led us to some grand Alpine views.
"Sound of Music" view. I feel like Julie Andrews up here.
Take it from us, the nightlife isn't jumping in Chazelet