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Tired of mountains, we headed to the French Riviera beaches. After a three hour drive we were trading in our jackets for bathing suits. The landscape's diversity has surprised us. From the Alps to the Riviera, the land and weather undergoes a radical transformation. Heading south, the high Alps change to rocky hills and flat topped mesas, where the land's aspect is similar to northern Arizona. As we drove further south, the weather turned abruptly warmer, and by the time we came into Nice we had changed into shorts. Ever wonder what Greece would look like with wooded hillsides? Come to the French Riviera. It isn't crowded in October and we rented a downtown Nice apartment for $30 night. In the bathroom there is a sink, shower, toilet, and a French invention which is like a bad genetic experiment that crossed a sink and toilet. We couldn't find an English instruction manual, so we left the thing alone. 
We also stopped in Monaco and became the first people to visit without spending a cent there.