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Following our guidebook we found another hike in the countryside town of Rustrel, an area called France's Colorado due to an ocre quarry that looks like a minature Colorado - if such a comparison can be made between two things so different in size and measure. Although similarities may exist between French and American landscape, the road system that runs through these countries is different. In general, French highways are much smaller and they run straight into each passing city centre, through traffic lights and rotaries, rather than skirting the city's edge by beltway. The upside is that one can experience the countryside by car, which is a shortcoming of American highways. By these roads we ended up in Avignon, a walled city made famous when Pope Clement V, escaping turmoil in Rome, established the pontifical court here from 1309-1377. We couldn't afford to stay at the pope's palace, so we chose an underwhelming hotel ironically named Hotel Splendid. This place boldly proclaimed itself as a one star establishment, breaking the marketing rule: if you don't have something exemplary to say, then don't say anything at all. At first sight I thought our room was the hallway closet. 
The French highways are small but good to look at, just like the meals served at French restaurants 
The Pope's Palace, better than a one star hotel.