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We bid a tearful goodbye to our car and took a train to Amboise in the Loire valley. Famous as "the playground of kings," the Loire valley looks like stereotypical French landscape: flat, rolling farm and wineland dotted with small towns and the occasional magnificent chateau. One stereotype that we haven't found true is that the French are unfriendly. On the contrary, the French people have been very friendly despite our annoying mispronouncing of their language. We're on a crusade to bring back the 's' sound into French. If we see an 's' in a word, we say it. For instance, "les" is pronounced "less," not "lay." This hasn't caught on yet but we persevere despite quizzical looks.
Great road meal, jar-o-spaghetti: Take pre-cooked spaghetti and dump it in a half-filled jar of tomato sauce. Then shake. Also works with a ziploc bag. Then it's called bag-o-spaghetti.  
The centerpiece of Amboise is this Chateau that some French king built. He was rich but not too bright; he died on horseback by hitting his head against a low door while galloping to a tennis match.