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Our last day in Matusadona, our last walking safari. Jill has been sick but she's showed incredible toughness. While tracking animals, she stopped to vomit and then made us continue onwards, over any protests to go back to camp. She loves this too much. I've become addicted to the adrenaline rush. In the spirit of having a good scare everyday, I went for a quick swim in the croc-infested Lake Kariba. We should get adrenaline aplenty in Victoria Falls, our next destination, which offers white water rafting and bungi jumping. On the way there, Emmanuel flew us over the falls on the "flight of angels," as referred to by the African explorer David Livingstone. The falls are spectacular from the air, the largest falls in the world by water volume. 
David Livingstone's "Flight of Angels." 
We've been eating large in Africa.