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We visited another good looking British church. This time it was St Paul's Cathedral (not sure why one is a cathedral and another an abbey -- the British always have to be so complicated). We shouldn't need to visit another church on our trip. At night we went to a London theatre show called Mama Mia, which is basically like going to an Abba concert because the show comprises all of their songs. It may not be cool, but we like Abba. After the show, we went out for drinks with Angus (who is cool and refuses to have anything to do with Abba). In China, Angus had trained us how to order beer in London. "A pint of bitter, mate," doesn't sound right with an American accent, especially when said by someone who looks Chinese. I had to push it further by asking the bartender if we were near Buckingham and the Thames (pronouncing this in nasal American to rhyme with names and enunciating the "th" sound as in "that"). Just doing my part to annoy the English.
Tower Bridge, not London Bridge. We wanted a picture of London Bridge, but to our surprise London Bridge is completely unremarkable. Can't see why anyone would care enough to write a song about it falling down.