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Our waistline was suffering too much to stay in Belgium, so we went to pollute our minds in Amsterdam. Where is Zico? First, we switched British pounds to the local currency. Dutch money is called the Guilder and it has some strange denominations, such as the 2 1/2 guilder coin. Instead of using G, guilders are abbreviated Hfl, fl, dfl, or f for no apparent reason. Something about the old days, but more likely the Treasury department has been smoking too much of the local hashish. After sorting out the money, we went for a long city stroll. We saw much, sometimes too much, meaning the red light district. Very interesting archictecture there. During the day, the place seems more like a neighborhood, except for the prostitutes in lingerie that stand in the windows as if they're department store mannequins. Not that you were thinking about it, but the going rate starts at 50 guilders (25 dollars). How do I know? Pricing is a popular discussion topic in the local pubs. We also noticed that the public bathrooms are very public. Called "pissoirs," these are green metal, open-air outhouses (the covered area is below the neck and above the knee) where the occupant can hold a conversation with people walking down the street. Asia, Africa, and now Europe have all offered unique bathroom experiences.
One of the few world locations where a giant phallus isn't out of place.