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Driving the autobahn can be scary because there is such a speed difference between the fast and slow lanes. We've reached speeds close to 100 mph and other cars go by as if we're parked. Too bad we're not driving something better than a rented Renault. Miraculously, our friend John managed to meet us at our hotel door in Fussen. John is an Air Force Reserve officer, defending our nation against freedom oppressors, but he'd rather have beers with us. Dedication is John's middle name. In my opinion, it's better for the Armed Services that he left the base. We hit the town, drinking beer, swapping stories (like being home again), and annoying the waitress. After many beers, the conversation inevitably turned philosophical. We pondered: what's it like to be Ed-like? Since it is my brother's birthday, we gave him a call - Happy Birthday Ed!
Hohenschwangau castle (German names are so easy) near Fussen 
I said Jill get in, not John!