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We woke with a hangover and a great view of a lake ringed by mountains. Spectacular. By chance we had been upgraded to a suite, so there was room aplenty for us; the place was bigger than our home apartment. John and I wanted to sleep in, but Captain Jill herded us early out the door to see Neuschwanstein castle. This is the castle that Disney copied for their own in Disneyland. It was a good castle to see, but like churches, we don't need to see another one for awhile. After a hard day's castle viewing, it's Miller time, or rather Bitberger time (insert you're favorite German beer here), so we drove to Munich and Oktoberfest. Unfortunately, John had to catch a flight home after a few hours, but we were lucky to have another home friend, Brendan Curvey, join us in Munich. Brendan is a professional beer drinker, so he fits in at Oktoberfest. Unbelievably, the beer tents close at 11 pm. Still in party mode, we went to the local pub and refused to go home until 4 am.  We forgot that we need an early start for tomorrow...
Jill and John at Neuschwanstein Castle
Let the party begin!
No more beer for John - I don't want him in the tub again