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Captain Jill pulled Brendan and me out of bed and led us into the beer tent by 11:00 AM. Our tent, the Hofbrau, was a cultural kaleidescope. Surrounded by Italians, Germans, and Austrians, we drank 3 liter beers and forged new friendships with people at neighboring tables. We understood why Oktoberfest closes by 11:00 PM; we've never seen so many drunks before noon. We also learned a new song, or at least one line of this song -"Hey Baby, I wanna know, will you be my girl?"- which is repeated ad nauseum. It's one thing to sing a song over and over, but can we hear more than one line?  
Brendan and Jill, who looked like Pippi Longstockings but pulled it off because she was very popular at the beer tent.
Jill and new friends
This place was an international zoo