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Breaking away from the train route, we rented a car and drove into the holiday region of mountains and lakes to the east of Salzburg, an area called Salzkammergut. Since we were tired of castle viewing, we explored ice caves instead. The Eisriesenwelt Hohle are the largest accessible ice caves in the world. The ice formations inside are vast and elaborate, yet naturally formed. The view outside the caves is also dramatic. Back on the road, we drove through great Alpine scenery to a picture perfect lakeside town called Hallstatt. To finish our day, we hiked up a mountain for a better view. I yodeled but was forced to stop - didn't want to be fined for bad yodeling. 
Our ice cave guide didn't speak a word of English and we didn't know the German word for Help!
Some of the ice in here is over 1,000 years old
(Above and Below)The Austrian town of Hallstatt