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Done with Austria, we caught a train to Zurich at 6:00 AM. The majestic Alps always come to mind when we think of Switzerland. After touring today, we'll bring to mind clear, turquoise glacier water as another grand feature of Swiss landscape. Zurich itself is dominated by lake and river more than surrounding mountains. Of course Swiss clocks abound, Europe's largest clock face is here in Zurich, but we were more impressed by the friendly shopkeepers and how clean the city and waterways are kept. Swiss are conscious of clocks and therefore time, so they keep stores open for longer hours than other European countries. That won Jill's heart. We both enjoyed having a late dinner, strolling along the Limmat river, and watching the swans feed in the water illuminated under the light from St Peters clock tower (Below). 
Zurich has lawn chairs along with benches in the park. Who needs a hotel?