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We flew into Pakistan on the local airline - Pakistan Air. Interesting experience. This company just received special government aid to stay in business. We were frisked at least 5 times before boarding, including one time in the plane itself. Jill had to move her seat to an all-female row. We sat on the runway for a half hour in the blistering heat, listening to a muslim prayer blaring over the plane's intercom. Once in Pakistan, things went more smoothly. Our first impression surprised us, since we expected Pakistan to be a lot more like its neighbor, India. Turns out there are a lot of differences: religion (Pakistan is Islamic and India is Hindu), language (Pakistan speaks Urdu while India speaks Hindi), population (Pakistan seems much less crowded). Visitors notice the religious and cultural differences between Pakistan and India almost immediately and because Pakistan is Muslim it reminds us more of Turkey than any other country.
Pakistan wins the world prize for most decorative public buses.
The mixed vegetable curry, beef curry, rice, and na'an is delicious at Anwar's cafe (that's the equivalent of Mike's cafe back home).