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Today we took a quick tour of Islamabad. It's about 42 degrees Celsius, so we didn't stay outside for long. We're enjoying Pakistan immensely, a country we knew nothing about prior to our arrival and a couple of visits to the local library for some background information. Pakistan itself has a very short history - formed in 1947 after the British broke off two pieces from India (the eastern piece eventually became Bangladesh in 1971). The capital city, Islamabad, was built in 1960 and is a young, clean, and modern city (you might even call it a town).
Jill had to wear a head covering (she pulled a towel out of her bag) to enter Islamabad's Faisal Masjud mosque, which is the largest mosque in Asia.
We didn't think Islamabad would be this green and sparsely settled. The avenues are broad and tree lined, and despite the Arabic appearance of many government buildings, Pakistan's capital city reminds us of Washington DC.