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We spent the day shopping for items needed for our long African journey around the calendar corner. On our shopping spree we passed by the zoo, a place that survived World War II but became a restaurant, of sorts, during that time. Bombs fell in the zoo like everywhere else, claiming innocent animal lives, but we heard that the elephant survived. We also learned that not all animals died by bombing. Some were hunted by starving Berlin residents near the end of the war, when food was scarce. That means some Berliners had a fairly exotic diet, but none of these people invented any new dishes.
The Wilhelm cathedral bell tower, left in its bombed out state, is dedicated to WWII remembrance. The concrete thing next to it is the new bell tower. This new church must be the ugliest one in the world.
These posters are everywhere. Although we're not experts at German, we think this sign says, "It's not me, Hitler was someone else." If so, it's not the best example we saw about how the Germans remember the war, however, it shows that some people are more than ready to leave the past behind.