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Last night we arrived in Victoria Falls and met our truck crew: Big Boy and Jeff, drivers, and Joshua, camp master. Along with us are two other tourists, Amanda and Steven from Australia. The truck itself is a gutted moving van turned into a custom transport for up to 25 people. All day today we rafted and river-boarded the Zambezi River, an activity we tried and enjoyed last year. We didn't paddle by any drowned tourists, as we did last year, but we passed small crocodiles sunning on the riverbank. Afterwards, exhausted and hungry, we ate a delicious meal that began with cold mapani worms, called caterpillars in English. Caterpillars taste like rubber chicken.
It's a truck -not a bus!- our drivers are sensitive about being called bus drivers.
Inside, passengers have a small footlocker and a spot on a bench, our home for two months.
Our trip companions: Joshua, cook (in black shirt); Big Boy, driver (in white shirt); Geoff, driver (in orange shirt); Amanda and Steven, two Aussies, or as they like to say, Ozzies.