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Leaving political turmoil behind in the cities, we drive our truck into the Hwange game park. We slept in a tent amongst the animals. The forest buzzed with noise. An elephant kept us awake while it munched on a sausage tree. Showering the ground with seeds, seedpods from Zimbabwe Teak trees burst open, each one sounding like a cracking walnut. We rose before dawn and drove around looking for animals. Since they're not paid actors these animals can be hard to spot, but we were lucky enough to see a White rhino mother with her baby, and a leopard.
More than a tree.
Students in camouflage 101.
We set up camp everday - a tent, a table, a cooking fire, 3 bowls for handwashing, 4 bowls for dishwashing, 2 bowls for potwashing. No dishtowels, we flap everything dry.