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Where are we? Chimanimani on the Biriwiri river (African names are so much fun). To get here we drove into Zimbabwe's Eastern highlands, near the Mozambique border. As we drive by, people wave to us as if we're in a parade. We passed Eucalyptus and pine trees on the dry, rocky slopes, and these scenes reminded us of similar landscape back in California. Chimanimani town barely rates the ink used to mark the map. The people are friendly, whether saying hello on the street or at the small house that serves as a grocery store and local hangout. Even so, the most interesting bit about the town of Chimanimani is its name.
You may take TVs and microwaves for granted, but not if you lived in these small villages, common throughout Zimbabwe.
Kids are cute (and playfully the same) the world over.
Art lessons passed down from countless millenia. Take a hike in the Eastern highlands, you may see bushmen cave paintings that are thousands of years old.