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Chimanimanis walk instead of ride, so we follow local custom and hike in the mountains of Chimanimani National Park. The trail we choose is called "Belly Rub" because a hiker's belly rubs against the rocks as he climbs. Our African guide, ominously named Justice, has a magnificently monosyllabic vocabulary. His favorite word - "Go!" - which he uses emphatically as he drives us along the trail. We cover a lot of ground and actually manage to enjoy some of the scenery as we sweat along the trail.
Overlooking Skeleton Pass, so-named because this place was heavily mined during Mozambique's civil war. In our monosyllabic guide's words, watch your step!
We walked to a border post between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. No border guards, not even a sign-in sheet.
Near the top of the Chimanimani hills, the water up here is drinkably pure and freezing cold.