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"Tip or no stamp," that's how the border at Mozambique works, nevermind that visitors have already spent 30 dollars or more on a visa. Before coming to Mozambique, we tried to change our Zim dollars into Mozambique meticais or South African rand, but no one in Zimbabwe has a dime of foreign currency. As further evidence of the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe, we saw 400 acre farms for sale at $40,000 US dollars. That price doesn't include sheep or cattle, but we think the squattors are free. At the Zimbabwe border city of Mutare, we stockpiled food and provisions before entering Mozambique, where food will be much more expensive. Food in Zimbabwe couldn't be cheaper for us. We bought some delicious oranges for 2 cents apiece. Then we drove to the border, paid our bribes and tips (a scary sounding 100,000 meticais, equivalent of $3 US per person), and pitched camp at Chicamba, we're in Mozambique!
Spring has sprung, the trees are in full bloom
Overlooking Chimanimani National Park
Hopefully we'll leave these riots behind in Zimbabwe. Luckily, we've only seen peaceful protests (these people are demanding higher wages so they can afford rent and bread).