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Another day, another church, castle, or palace. Like popping daily vitamin pills, touring Europe means receiving a daily dose of grand religious or royal edifice. Today we saw the red brick castle at Traikai. Of course we walked by a church along the way. We stayed awake by looking at the Lithuanian countryside. The village homes are larger than ones we saw in Russian villages. Two storeys, steep tin roofs (Eastern Europe and Russia is depleting the world's tin supply for roofing), and a paved main street, although most other neighborhood roads are still unpaved. Tomorrow we leave the Baltics. Our impression is that these countries have their own unique characteristics but still offer the same amenities and experiences of more popular Western Europe countries at a cheaper price.
Another castle!
Downtown Vilnius, next to another church (on right), a pagan sacrificial stone (on left), and an old tower. Vilnius has something for everyone.
Sinister site - the Vilnius KGB museum, the building where both the Gestapo and later, KGB, held and tortured prisoners.