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December 17, 2001

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We viewed game at Yankari National Park, Nigeria's first and most popular protected area. Unfortunately, game protection has been thin; poachers have taken most animals. We camped without fear of animal attack and peed in the remote bush at night. We didn't see many animals: warthog, waterbuck, crocodile, palm nut vulture, and a monitor lizard. The park is packed with people. Many Nigerians celebrated the Sallah holidays here. They brought their cameras and all seemed eager to take pictures of Western tourists - quite a turnaround to be the focus of pictures rather than focusing pictures. We felt like celebrities.
We visited Yankari National Park and saw these strange caves. No one knows how they were formed or who lived here. At least our guide didn't know.
Mobbed for pictures. Can you believe this has never happened before?