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We woke to jungle noises in Kakum rain forest. After a walk under the canopy we skittered across a catwalk that connected platforms built 100 feet high in the trees, not the adventure for acrophobes. In the afternoon we drove for four hours north to Kumasi. As usual, we stayed in a campground mentioned in our Lonely Planet guidebook under 'Places to Stay, Bottom-End.' At night we drank Guinness at an Irish Pub (we find Irish pubs in the unlikeliest places). Walking home, five members of our group faced a gun. A carload of Ghanaians stopped short, one man jumped out, drew an old shotgun, and ordered everyone to stop. Our friends took a chance and kept walking. The would-be robber shouted for them to stop, then gave up and drove away. We told our friends they were lucky - next time they should stop and hand over their money.
Not quite how the monkeys do it.
Hope you're not afraid of heights.
Cool jungle noises kept us awake in our tent.
A jungle shower but nowhere to hang your towel.