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December 6, 2001

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Today we left Ghana. We'll remember this country for its great prices - so cheap compared to French West Africa - friendly people, and over-the-top Christian marketing. We made Togo our next destination. Togo is a tiny country that stabs like a finger into the belly of West Africa. We drove over the border without difficulty, feeling lucky to pass so easily between two countries that have had a recent history of trouble between them. Since European colonizers drew boundary lines without regards for tribal boundaries, they divided the Ewe tribe down the middle with the border between Ghana and Togo. After both countries gained independence, Ewe tribal members rallied to reunite their lands. The trouble was that neither Ghana nor Togo would cede the land to the other to make this possible. So the Ewe continue to speak their common tongue across the border while visitors like us change from English to French when we cross over from Ghana into Togo.
Unbeatable advertising
Unfortunately slave forts are a symbol of Ghana's history.
Got a flat? Tap a rubber tree.
So have the mosquitos.