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Besides being an accomplished biologist, our host Luba is a great cook. She's stuffed us with traditional Russian dishes like golubsty, cabbage or rubarb leaves filled with meat, borshch, beetroot with vegetables and meat, pelmini, Siberian-style meat dumplings, and solyanka, thick meat soup with salted cucumbers and a lemon slice. Russians love meat dishes and Luba was certainly relieved to discover we weren't vegetarians. After a belly-busting breakfast of crepes and oven fresh biscuits, we explored another neighboring village, Port Baikal. There we saw nothing besides small wood cabins and friendly fisherman on shore who invited us for a picnic lunch of more meat (even the fisherman are eating meat!).
Fish hawkers sell smoked omul, a delicious salmon-like fish indigenous to Lake Baikal.
(Below) Siberian cabins on the shores of the lake.