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This morning we lived like simple villagers. We woke up early, dressed in the hut's near-total darkness, kicked the goats and chickens off our front stoop, and walked out of the village into the jungle to relieve ourselves. In the afternoon we said goodbye to the Dan village and drove a few hours back to a town called Man. There we ended our day on a street side bar, drinking palm wine served in old anti-freeze bottles for 10 cents per liter of wine. A band pounded on their drums in the seat next to us while we played 'chase-the-ace,' a card game where you sit in a circle, lick the back of a playing card, then stick it to your forehead and try to guess who's got the lowest card (without knowing what card is stuck to your forehead). The locals couldn't figure out what we were doing but they seemed amused.
The Dan people allowed us free run of their village and always looked at our activities with curiosity. We lived under the constant, watchful gaze of a village crowd.
Stilt dancing is an honored skill among the Dan. These young men train for 3-5 years to jump around like ballet dancers on three-meter stilts.
After a week without a shower we go for one au-natural.
To reach our shower under the falls we crossed the bridge of vines, an old bridge depicted on the $10,000 CFA note.