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We lounged for another day on the beach. We needed a day of rest. Unfortunately, another person in our group has tested positive for malaria. This time it is one of the group leaders, the co-driver, Ben. As a typical Australian who likes to rough it, he doesn't wear long pants or insect repellant, nor does he take anti-malaria tablets. He doesn't seem to be too worried about malaria and he does a good job of shrugging it off and continuing as if nothing's wrong. What's really worrisome is that our group leader, Kathy, also has symptoms of malaria. She's overly fatigued, no appetite, headache. People are worried. Instead of selling trinkets, the locals should sell bug spray and bug nets. They'd make a fortune from our group.
A tent on the beach sounds glamorous, but it doesn't take long for sand to get inside and cover everything. This doesn't make for a comfortable night's sleep, especially if you're wearing a bug net over your head.
The bugs around here can be very interesting. This bug, looking like a cross between a cockroach and a spider, hung out on the beach looking for the perfect tan. Before this trip I would never have handled such a creature. Even so, I waited for some natives to show me that it was harmless. Africa gives you a higher tolerance level for bugs.