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The first leg of our Dragoman adventure ended in Accra. Since October 27th we covered over 5700 kilometres. The countries we visited display many differences: Senegal retains a French colonial feel, Mali provides the best highlights - Timbuktu and the Dogon villages, Burkina Faso shows amazing diversity as the land changes from Sahara desert to lush rainforest between its North and South boundaries, Cote d'Ivoire is the most modern and wealthy, and Ghana uses different money, speaks English, and displays ostentatious religious fervour. We saw that most people in Mali live in huts and follow a traditional lifestyle, while in Ghana many people live in the same middle class housing one might find in Eastern Europe. We visited more tribal communities than we can remember: Wolof, Bozo, Songhai, Fulani, Dogon, Tuareg, Dan, Bambara, Asante...
Ghana offers the world's best selection of coffins. You can be buried in anything from rocket ships to pineapples.
Yes, a lion coffin!