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Today we tromped around the Kwai village, which is in the northeastern region of the Okavango delta.
This is a home of our apprentice guide, Amos, in the Kwai village. He's found good use for old beer cans; he sticks them in the walls to reinforce the mud brick. He tells us a lot of these huts blow over in the rainy season. These villagers are tough. Last night a pride of lions walked through the village and no one seemed to mind.
Nevermind that hippos cause more human deaths in Africa than any other animal. These kids still fish right under a hippo's nose. We watched one kid wade into the water to set up his nets. Nick says that a few kids are grabbed each year by crocs, which tells us that the parents are extremely laissez-faire.
Nick's favorite animals are elephants because of their sense of humor. An elephant placed this skull in the middle of the road to impede traffic. All over the park, elephants have pushed over road signs and knocked trees into pathways.
Back at camp we rest to the sounds of hippo snorts.