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Always keep plans simple, that's why we opted for a six leg journey from our bush camp in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe to Dakar, Senegal. The flight itinerary: Mana Pools - Kariba, Kariba - Victoria Falls, Victoria Falls - Harare, Harare - London, London - Paris, Paris - Dakar. There's no easy way to fly from one end of Africa to the other. Of course plans ran afoul; Air Zimbabwe canceled our Vic Falls to Harare flight, so we scrambled on the last flight out of there and ended up in Johannesburg. From there we flew to London and resumed our original flight path. The hardest part of our journey came in Senegal: making it from the airport to our hotel. The first cabbie drove us to a dark parking lot and shut off the engine. We grabbed our bags and ran. The next cabbie drove down dark alleys, a backstreet route that kept us searching the shadows for attackers. We almost kissed the cabdriver in relief when he pulled up to our hotel.
Flying over the Zimbabwe bush: the first flight in a batch of flights that will take five connections and more than 24 hours to reach Senegal. It's easier for us to go back home than the other side of Africa.
An alternative to taxis is open public transport, jump on top of a car and hold on.