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We explored Dakar, the gateway to West Africa. Portugal came first in the 1500's, charting the waters all along Africa's coast. However, France made the lasting impression on this region. Dakar is unmistakeably French in character. And if the French are famous for fashion, then West Africans have taken fashion sense a step further. People everywhere are dressed in brightly colored robes, hats, turbans, and sarongs.
The best view of Dakar is found at the roof of the Independence hotel. If you want to look you must first buy a cup of tea from the bartender downstairs.
Men wear skicaps under colorful headwraps. In the blistering heat they'd rather look cool than feel cool.
Many woman here need a personal "Baby onboard" sign.
Africa is not for arachnophobes. This critter is as big as a man's hand and it builds a tent-sized web.