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Drove down the Mozambique coast along a paved highway through scrub brush that turned into coconut tree forest as we moved further south. A road exit is a major site, very uncommon and always a center of commerce, surrounded by a small village of shops. We passed street vendors, mostly selling firewood, charcoal, or bushels of dried reeds which is the main building material around here. An abrupt architecture change presented itself at Imhambane, a quaint colonial town with substantial concrete buildings, a few churches, and a soccer stadium. We watched a high school soccer match, sitting in bleachers next to tethered goats that grazed beside the field - interesting groundskeeping methods in Mozambique.
The high school kids are awesome at soccer, they seemed to play at an American collegiate level.
Imhambane, where lunch turns into dinner. The tides take hours to show you mudflats and the waiter takes even longer to show you food.
Suburban life