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While Big Boy languishes in the desert and fixes the truck, we stayed in Swakopmund, a town in the middle of Namibia's coastline. Swakop means 'bottom excrement' in a local Nama language, but this place is Namibia's top holiday destination. Local people and South Africans come here to lay on the beach, go sportfishing, or ride the dunes!
Tandem duneboard: the rear person steers by putting hands in the sand. Jill has always been a backseat driver.
We reach speeds over 80 km per hour.
Your feet act as rudders when you ride solo. Keep the elbows tucked in!
Scorpions were one of the few spectators for our dune boarding. The only other desert denizens are: snakes, beetles, and large white spiders. It's a lovely community.