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April 28, 2002

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Left Cairo, crossed the Suez, then headed south around the horn of the Sinai Peninsula to a seaside backpacker town called Dahab. The scenery: flat, unremarkable sand. We nodded awake to pass under the Suez Canal in a tunnel. At 3 AM the bus dropped us off on the windy, empty outskirts of Dahab. A friendly Egyptian named Mohammed (original name) took care of us and set us up at a campground near Dahabís beachfront.
Dramatic scenery for the Sinai. We're sure Moses never wanted to see sand again.
Tourists congregate in Egypt. We met these Danes and a British guy for a great dinner on the beach at Dahab. This little town offers a lot of charm at affordable prices for food and rent; much better atmosphere and value than the better known town of Sharm el Shek down the road.